Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language therapy (SLT) is a specialised form of therapy that uses a variety of evidence-based techniques and approaches. Our SLT therapists work individuals who may have difficulties in one or more aspects of communication, including speech, language, voice, fluency; and/or feeding and fussy eating, swallowing difficulties/dysphagia. Targets encompass academic and functional needs of the child, and overall, aim to improve quality of life by improving how one would connect with their world through communication.

Our SLT’s work with a variety of clients with various needs, and can assess for and/or treat the following delay/disorders:
- Articulation
- Speech
- Communication
- Cognitive-lInguistic 
- Eating or Swallowing disorders/ Dysphagia/
   Fussy eating
- Fluency
- Voice
- Language i.e. Syntax, Semantic, Morphology
- Parent and child interaction and communication
- Play and Social Skills
- Preverbal language
- Selective Mutism

Examples of our Treatment Approaches

We know how important it is to use a holistic approach to adapt a holistic treatment approach. Research shows a multi-faceted approach to communication will tap into different areas of the brain, allowing the individual to access and harness underlying skills. Some examples of the approaches that may be recommended in
combination to an individualised, outcome-measured, treatment programmes are, but not exclusive to:
Attention Autism (TM)Augmentative and Alternative
Communication (AAC) - Digital/ Non-Digital
Intensive Interaction (TM)
Makaton (TM)Zones of Regulation (TM)TEACCH 
Auditory ProcessingLanguage for ThinkingSOCIAL THINKING (TM)