Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (O.T.) focuses on helping individuals recover or maintain the skills they need to perform in activities of daily living, work-related, and/or academic function. O.T.'s support physical, emotional, behavioural, and cognitive development to improve participation in activities; using specialised assessments and intervention to prescribe individualised programmes. Our occupational therapist plays a vital role in promoting independence, well-being, and integration into society in a meaningful way.We work with individuals, their families, educational/work settings, and can assess and treat the following:

o   Assistive or adaptive technology or device recommendation

o   Behavioural, Emotional and Self-regulation

o   Dyslexia

o   Emotional processing

o   Fine motor skills

o   Gross motor skills

o   Integrated Learning Therapy (ILT)

o   Mental Health and Well-Being

o   Mobility skills

o   Self-care in activities of daily living

o   Self-confidence and Self-perception

o   Sensory processing

o   Tribunal or medico-legal involvements

o   Visual perception and visual-motor skills